Interview to Dr. Miquel Vives and Prof. Andrés Martínez

Here you can listen an audio by two retired teachers from our high school Pompeu Fabra about Devil's bridge from an historical point of view and a traditional point of view

Dr.Vives is an historian and it was Head of the department of history and owr school and also principal in the 1990's.


Francisco Pérez 248 · Pont del Diable (Martorell)

The Devil's Bridge of Martorell is of Roman origin, it was built in 10 BC on a Roman road called via augusta, it went from Rome to Cadiz, it really had three arches, currently we only have two, the third was destroyed in the middle of a war. The bridge was destroyed on a date we do not know. In Martorell in 133 it was erected as a bridgehead to defend it, it was rebuilt in its current form in 1283 1295 under the direction of Bernat Vallès, as at first it was narrower the carts carried it with a boat head in Sant Andreu de la Barça, hence its name. The bridge was built twice known, in the 18th century by the military engineer Joan Martín Cermeño and the second we know of was in 1963 by an architect from El Pallars. We call it the Devil's Bridge by a traditional legend, it tells us that a grandmother went every day to fetch water from a river, until one day in the rain the bridge came out, a devil started building it and he he said she would. let her pass in exchange for the soul of what you pass over the bridge first, the next morning grandma let a cat pass in front of her and the demon took her soul. The meaning of this legend that many bridges of the devil have around the world is because in ancient times they were enemies of the Romans, then when a work of his was difficult, being superior to them, the legend was used not to say that they had he did, but of course if you said the author of the bridge was the devil he was immoral, they created different points in the story because that doesn’t happen, such as saying the bridge wasn’t finished by the devil.